Home spas. Yes please!

Spas are proven to have many health benefits. Homeowners are realizing that upscale home spas are quickly becoming less of a luxury and more of a must-have in a lot of home projects. Just think about the time and money you’ll save on going away for a spa weekend or even getting a massage locally. Who wouldn’t want to invest in the same me-time for their own home and have access 24/7? Turn every day into a spa day.

Jet tubs, saunas, steam rooms and the like are enabling homeowners to create a zen-like retreat in the comfort of their own home. You can convert a bathroom into a healthy environment or build-out additional space. A lot of people only think of this when they’re installing a backyard pool, but anytime is the right time for installing a home spa.

And what about those health benefits you ask? Well, a study at Great Britain’s Loughborough University found that a hot bath offers similar benefits to exercise. Researchers found that people who sat in warm baths for one hour burned 140 calories! The same amount of calories as study participants who walked for 30 minutes. Now don’t give up your daily stroll in lieu of a bubble bath—researchers recommend using hydrotherapy only as a supplement to your exercise routine, not as a replacement…but, nice to know there’s less guilt if you miss a day of running or pilates!

Doctor’s Health Press revealed that Epsom salt can be used to provide an added health boost during hydrotherapy. Epsom-salt baths can be used to treat pain and muscle cramps, stress, insomnia and poor circulation. It’s also been shown to eliminate toxins and regulate electrolytes to ensure proper muscle and nerve function.

Saunas and steam rooms can also have health boosting benefits. Web MD says sauna therapy at the right temp can have dramatic and positive effects on people’s health. Japanese researchers report that Dry sauna baths help the heart the same way exercise does.

But, hold on! That doesn’t mean you should just sit around and bake yourself. There’s got to be a balance. Good exercise that your doc approves and an at-home spa with extras like a dry sauna or a steam room or a hot tub can greatly reduce disease and anxiety. Let the pampering begin.