Fiberglass Inground Swimming Pool Winterization & Covers

Fiberglass Pool Winterization Information

Fiberglass Inground Swimming Pool Winterization Covers

Important Pool Winterization Rules

Although there are many different techniques one can utilize to winterize a pool, it is important that regardless of whatever method of pool winterization you or your pool professional chooses that you include the following few simple rules:

  • Never drain your fiberglass pool below the skimmer opening.
  • Never let your swimming pool overflow.
  • Remove the swimming pool water from all equipment and all plumbing pipes that are at or above the frost line.
  • Do not remove water from a pool cover without simultaneously adding the same amount of water to the swimming pool.
  • Never allow exterior water to overflow into your pool.

Viking Pools recommends that you consult and hire a local pool builder, plumber, or pool service professional that has been trained to winterize swimming pools and swimming pool equipment in your area.

You should always consider requesting references from the servicing company to give you the confidence that they understand winterization techniques for your area. Additionally, please have your servicing professional contact Viking Pools if they have any questions specific to winterizing a fiberglass swimming pool shell.