Fiberglass Inground Swimming Pool Construction

Maryland, VA and DC Fiberglass Inground Swimming Pool Construction

Fiberglass inground swimming pool constructionPool Construction

A.C.P. (Advanced Composite Pool)™ (Advanced Composite Pool)
The combining of premium raw materials and our unique four stage manufacturing process creates a pool of unequaled look and performance.

Closed Beam Coping:
This means your pool is built using the strongest method of construction in the industry. Just take a look at some of the competition’s coping, they are 1/4″ thick compared to ours.

Viking Pool Finish:
Whether it’s the natural beauty of Crystite or the standard gel coat, Viking pool finishes have an incredible 7-yr warranty.
The Crystite comes in three different colors.

Vinyl Ester Resin:
Provides you with greater impact resistance, optimum blister protection and a beautiful profile.

Exclusive Ceramic Core:
The heart of every Viking pool is the ceramic core, sandwiched between two protective layers of specially designed resin and fiberglass. It adds a greater stiffness to the pool walls and provides enhanced water resistance. Independent lab tests show that the Viking pool has the Flexural strength of 41,976 P.S.I.

Hand Laid Fiberglass:
The final stage of every Viking pool is a specially designed resin and hand laid fiberglass.
Fiberglass vs. Gunite:
Important Decisions Regarding Purchasing Your New Swimming Pool

I am always asked, “why fiberglass?” So I searched the internet for “fiberglass vs. gunite” and found out so many advantages to fiberglass swimming pools. That is what I find to be so great in selling today, you do not have to take the salesman’s word for it — you can go online and find out for yourself!

Viking Pool Installation:
Concrete pools can take months to finish, while Viking fiberglass pools are made at the manufacturer and arrive at your home, ready for installation. Don’t let your backyard become a construction zone for months on end!

Viking fiberglass swimming pools have either a smooth gel coat finish, or our exclusive Crystite finish — Viking pools are non-abrasive for your skin, and there are no sharp edges. Some concrete pools are so rough and abrasive they can harm your skin! Viking pool finishes also have an incredible 7-yr warranty.

Four-Layer Construction and Ceramic Core Mean Superior Strength:
Fiberglass swimming pools have a high tensile strength of fiberglass and ceramic — this will let the pool to flex without cracking or splitting. Viking pools have a ceramic core, sandwiched between two layers of fiberglass and resin, so while they are flexible, they are also quite strong!

Maintenance Free:
The gel coat or Crystite finish on a Viking pool are low-maintenance, easy to clean, and never need resurfacing. And you don’t have to drain the pool to keep it clean like a concrete pool!

Color Range:
The color of the water in your pool will have an impact on the pool’s overall appearance and ambiance. A wide variety of colors are available to you through Viking Pools. Choose from our standard colors or our exclusive Crystite finish.

Viking Pool lifetime fiberglass inground pool warranty:
If you are getting other quotes, ask if a lifetime warranty is being provided on the structure of the swimming pool. Concrete swimming pool have short warranties, or none at all! Isn’t a lifetime warranty important for your peace of mind?

But don’t take my word for it — do some more research about your new swimming pool! For more information, see this article. There’s a handy chart listing the benefits of fiberglass swimming pools.