Your dream pool awaits…

Photo: Calm Water Pools

Admit it. You’ve been daydreaming about your very own backyard oasis for as long as you can remember. You want to be near water, but mother nature is miles away. And, each year as the days get warmer and we edge toward spring and summer that voice in your heart returns… “get a pool!”

A great pool takes great planning, and with the winter months almost here, now is the time to make that dream a reality. Take this time to start planning. Set the stage… write down your wish list… do you want a diving board? A slide perhaps? Auto-pool cover? Colorful pavers and landscaping? A swim-up bar? A hot-tub? Go on Pinterest or look at decor magazines and get inspired! You’re in the planning stage, so have fun with it.

Whatever your version of Nirvana is jot it down. Decide on the shape. There’s classic rectangular, free-form, kidney, and even custom is available in a fiberglass pool. We have designers that can make you a computer animation of your dream backyard, so you can see it in 3d even before you purchase it.

The colors and patterns determine the tone/look of your pool, so research, research, research. You might choose stark and modern. Or, whimsical colorful. Or have it look like that vacation pool you visited in Europe. Have that special look selected, so that when you’re ready to break ground you know exactly what you want and what you’re getting.

And, don’t forget the special add-ons. Jets, bubblers, custom lighting for elegant night parties, a deck perhaps. These are features that are the cherry-on-top that can make it look unique and special.

Have fun planning. It’s almost as fun as the real thing…almost.